December 26, 2012

An iPad Air? Mobile Malware? 2013 Predictions

Tim Bajarin, PC Magazine

AP Photo

Every year, my friend and PCMag colleague John Dvorak rails about prediction columns. He likes to point out that most of them are "bunkum." For 23 years, though, I have been writing an end-of-the-year prediction column and I have been reasonably successful. (I have had some spectacular failed predictions too, like in 2008 when I said Microsoft would buy RIM.) Because of my company's work and research, I get to see a lot of technologies in the works as well as look at the data and numbers, allowing me to make some educated deductions about the tech trends for the coming year. That is why I keep doing them. But, in deference to...

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December 20, 2012
Predictions for 2013: Expect Big Things
Steve Wildstrom, Tech.pinions
After 15 years of making predictions, with a track record that would have made you rich if you’d bet on them, I’ve been away from the practice for a couple of years. But as the regulars at Tech.pinions have agreed to end... more ››