December 18, 2012

Why Windows Phone & BlackBerry Can't Win

Kevin Tofel, GigaOm

AP Photo
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December 6, 2012
Windows Phone 8 Must Be the Priority
Andrew Orlowski, The Register
nless Microsoft gives Windows Phone some urgent attention, all of its hard work will go up in smoke and take Europe's largest technology company with it. We've now seen Windows Phone 8 running on four strong handsets - two each... more ››
December 15, 2012
Can Windows Phone Survive Without Google
Darren Murph, Engadget
Go ahead -- lambaste me for even mentioning it. I'll wait. Now, how's about we look beyond the surface -- the beautified tile regime and the whimsical animations -- and focus on what actually matters when looking at a smartphone... more ››
December 10, 2012
HTC's 8x: Is the Best Windows Phone Good Enough?
Casey Johnston, AT
Windows Phone 8 was finally released earlier in November. With it, two major contenders for the title of 'premier Windows Phone 8 handset' emerged: the HTC 8X and the Nokia Lumia 920.The Lumia 920 carried forward the mobile... more ››
December 11, 2012
Quad-core Smartphone Shootout
Brian Bennett, CNET
Currently there are five quad-core Android smartphones sold by at least one, if not multiple, major American wireless carriers. Besides all being gargantuan, they come in distinctive sizes, shapes, and designs. Most interesting,... more ››
December 11, 2012
Why I'm Going Back to My Dumb Phone
David Zax, Technology Review
On Friday, I sat down in a McDonald’s on Broadway, to write a Technology Review post. I placed my chicken fingers, my laptop, and my black iPhone 4 on a round, black table, and set to work. After a while, I gathered up all... more ››