December 17, 2012

All I Want for Christmas Is an Apple TV

Jeremy Allaire, All Things D

AP Photo

Coming into 2012, with rumors and theories running wild, we all hoped for a new Apple TV in time for Christmas. While we did get spades of new tablets from Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Samsung and others, all Apple had for us was an upgraded iPhone and a handful of new iPad updates and sizes. The contents of our pockets may have changed, but Apple has left our living rooms largely untouched. Myriad issues have held back the new Apple TV, from complex dealings and integration with established broadcast cable providers to hardware design and supply issues to the necessary evolution of iOS SDKs — but we won’t be kept waiting forever. There’s every reason to expect the new product to launch in 2013. When it does, we’re likely to see massive disruption of the broadcast...

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December 13, 2012
Why I Don't Care About an Apple iTV
Grant Clauser, Electronic House
The rumors and speculation over an Apple television are back, and I really don’t care. According to reports in the Wall Street Journal, Apple is still stealthily pursuing a game-changing television that will bring Sony,... more ››
December 12, 2012
Apple's TV May Have New 3D Tech
Chris Burns, SlashGear
It would appear that the next-generation Apple TV set that’s been rumored for many, many moons may well be coming with a bang – a 3D imaging bang that’s more than twice its worth in bucks. It’s being... more ››
December 12, 2012
Apple Tests Designs for a TV
Luk & Lessin, Wall Street Journal
Apple Inc. is working with component suppliers in Asia to test several TV-set designs, people familiar with the situation said, suggesting the U.S. company is moving closer to expanding its offerings for the living room. ... more ››
December 10, 2012
The Enduring Apple TV Fantasy
Jean-Louis Gassee, Monday Note
“When I go into my living room and turn on the TV, I feel like I have gone backwards in time by 20 to 30 years,” Apple CEO Tim Cook told . NBC’s Brian Williams “It’s an area of intense interest. I... more ››