December 13, 2012

A Question that Twitter Needs to Ask Itself

Om Malik, GigaOm

AP Photo

Yesterday, Twitter announced that it was launching its own version of photo filters and photo editing tools. And like all news around social networks — Facebook, Instagram and Twitter — it got the treatment normally reserved for the Kardashians. But, then we do live in the golden age of narcissism thanks to this weapon of amplified narcissism.

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Instagram and Twitter have had a falling out, as ReadWrite's Jon Mitchell reported recently. In case you missed the latest Silicon Valley kerfuffle, the gist is that Instagram won’t let you view your photos on Twitter anymore... more ››
December 6, 2012
Why Instagram Just Broke Itself
Matt Buchanan, BuzzFeed
Things are breaking. It wasn't supposed to be that way. Social networks were supposed to bring us together, or whatever, but that could be increasingly difficult as the social networks themselves continue to put up new barriers... more ››
December 6, 2012
The Instagram-Twitter Fight and You
Mathew Ingram, GigaOm
Remember when Twitter was just a free and open conduit for whatever content its users wanted to distribute? Those days are long gone now, replaced by Twitter’s desire to control and monetize as much of its platform as... more ››
December 5, 2012
Instagram Kills Its Own Pictures on Twitter
Adrian Covert, Fortune
Instagram voluntarily pulled the plug on its Twitter photo integration on Wednesday, upping the stakes in a growing turf war between the rival social networks.Previously, when Instagram users tweeted about their latest ... more ››
December 3, 2012
Why I Love Twitter and Hate Facebook
Matt Haughey, Medium
For the past decade, I’ve tried every new social media product to come along but I find myself returning to the two giants of the industry most often: Twitter and Facebook. I’m optimistic and delighted every time I... more ››