November 29, 2012

Android Market Share No Threat to Apple

John Kirk, Tech.pinions

AP Photo

Everyone concedes that Apple’s iOS is currently winning the mobile profit battles. However, many pundits still contend that Apple is losing the mobile wars because Apple does not have the most market share. How can this be? In almost every industry in the world it is profits – not market share – that matters and profits – not market share – that matters most. Tiffany’s does not care how much costume jewelry their competitor’s sell. Nor do we judge the sales of cars, blue jeans, steaks or any other good or service soley by its market share. Companies like Best Buy, Radio Shack and K-Mart stand as stark testaments to the fact that the one with the most stores or the one that sells the most low cost items is seldom the one with the best...

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November 27, 2012
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