November 28, 2012

Windows 8's One Month Report Card

Brad Chacos, PC World

AP Photo

My, how time flies when you're swiping through live tiles. Microsoft's new-look Windows 8 launched exactly one month and one day ago, bringing its modern user interface and mobile-style apps to the desktop masses on October 26th. So how has the system actually fared during its honeymoon period? Read on for the full synopsis of Windows 8 wins and losses. It can't be all bad. Or can it?

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November 22, 2012
Is Windows 8 Really That Bad?
Kevin Tofel, GigaOm
While Windows 8 is probably the biggest break from Microsoft’s past operating systems, it’s not a complete break. Support for a desktop mode is a by-product of legacy design and, to me, represents the largest missed... more ››
November 21, 2012
Stop Bashing Windows 8
Benjamin Woo, Venture Beat
Over the last several weeks, reviewers, analysts and reporters seem to have forgotten the very raison d’être for being in the technology industry in the first place – “to go boldly where no man has gone... more ››
November 26, 2012
Windows 8 - Major Usability Concerns
Sean Ludwig, Venture Beat
Yet another critic has stepped up to call Microsoft’s still-fresh Windows 8 operating system a usability nightmare, saying it is “a monster that terrorizes poor office workers and strangles their... more ››
November 27, 2012
How to Uninstall Windows 8
Chris Hoffman, Make Use Of
If you’ve installed Windows 8 and found yourself wishing that you could go back to Windows 7 or another operating system, there’s a way to do this. If you installed Windows 8 in a dual-boot environment and kept your... more ››
November 27, 2012
Samsung's Ativ 500T Windows 8 Tablet
Joel Hruska, Extreme Tech
Samsung’s Ativ Smart PC 500T is a $749 tablet meant to bridge the gap between the notebook industry and the Apple-dominated tablet space. The manufacturer describes the 500T as “a fully functioning PC. The Samsung Ativ Smart... more ››