November 26, 2012

Free Transportation for Life

Jason Calacanis,

AP Photo

I've been privileged to be able to own both of Tesla's models (Roadster and Model S sedan) over the past four years. During that time I drove 15k+ miles and never visited a gas station, with the rare exception of my summer retreats to the Catskill Mountains driving convertible Mustangs around the Adirondack Lakes. 

During that time I realized that we, the humans on planet earth, were hoodwinked, duped and bamboozled by the political industrial complex that electric vehicles were not feasible. 

Last week, the Tesla Model S won two awards: Automobile of the Year from Automobile magazine and Car of the Year from Motor Trend. Well deserved to be sure. The car is flawless, and to call the object a car doesn't actually do it justice.

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