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Why Arresting This 9 Year Old Is Good for You - Ernesto, Torrent Freak
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How the Internet Became Our Memory - Ryan Wittingslow, Conversation
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What Apple Will Do in 2013 - Jonny Evans, Computerworld
What Would Make Us Break Up with Apple? - Chris Matyszczyk, CNET
How Google Search Hurts Consumers - Grace Nasri, Digital Trends
Welcome to a Tech World of No Control - Bruce Schneier, Wired
Secrets of the U.S. Military's Space Plane - Sharon Weinberger, BBC News
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Bye-bye Mouse, Hello Mind Control - Maria Korolov, Network World
A Glimpse at the Cars to Come - Jerry Hirsch, Los Angeles Times
How the FTC Holds Google's Fate in Its Hands - Preston Gralla, CIO
Nintendo Confronts a Changed Video Game World - Nick Wingfield, NYT

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