November 24, 2012

Stunning Gains in Artificial Intelligence

John Markoff, New York Times

AP Photo

Using an artificial intelligence technique inspired by theories about how the brain recognizes patterns, technology companies are reporting startling gains in fields as diverse as computer vision, speech recognition and the identification of promising new molecules for designing drugs.

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November 16, 2012
The Black Box That Could Change the World
Nick Rockel, Globe and Mail
As Geordie Rose points out, you can’t have a conversation with your laptop. “It’s worth stopping and thinking about why that is,” says the founder and chief technology officer of D-Wave Systems Inc., which... more ››
November 14, 2012
We're Closer to an Artificial Brain
John Hewitt, Extreme Tech
The field of artificial intelligence has been set abuzz by a recent plan to create a connectome for a human brain. To borrow a term from circuit board design, a connectome can be described as a netlist for the brain. Basically, a... more ››