November 19, 2012

Facebook Is Lying to Us

Dan Tynan, IT World

AP Photo

As I noted in this space last week, lot of highly vocal people are really ticked off at Facebook because they feel the social network has been deliberately throttling the number of posts their fans see in order to sell more ads. Facebook has been steadily if geekily denying this. So last week it gathered a posse of friendly journalists and brought in the big guns -- Yoda, Luke Skywalker, and Darth Vader -- to help them make its case. Essentially, Facebook product manager Will Cathcart explained, the News Feed is a complicated stew that weighs things like whether you and others have Liked posts from a particular page, how often you've done it, the kinds of posts you and others have Liked, and if you or others have ignored or complained about posts from this source.

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