November 18, 2012

Taking On Nintendo, PlayStation & Xbox

Sean Hollister, The Verge

AP Photo

The Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Nintendo Wii are nearing their end. As powerful as they have been in the living room, gamers want more. They want better graphics, new user experiences, and more mobility, as much as those things can be at odds with one another. A new wave of game consoles is rising to meet some of those challenges, but perhaps not all: the Nintendo Wii U doesn’t seem to be that much more powerful than an Xbox 360, and the next Xbox and PlayStation are rumored to use what amounts to mid-range PC hardware in order to save costs.

Meanwhile, PCs haven’t stood still. There’s never been a better time to build a gaming PC, thanks to cheaper components and the amazing catalog of inexpensive games you can find on digital distribution platforms. I say "digital...

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Japanese manufacturers used to dominate consumer electronics, with brands like Sony, Sharp, Panasonic, Sanyo, JVC, and Toshiba practically cornering the global marketplace for desirable tech goods in the 80s and 90s. But times... more ››
November 15, 2012
Why Nintendo Needs to Build a Tablet
Scott Stein, CNET
The Nintendo Wii U comes out in just a few days, just in time for Thanksgiving-time shopping. Look at its signature feature: the GamePad. It has a 6-inch touch screen. It has a gyroscope. It has buttons. It's more than a little... more ››
November 14, 2012
Watch Out, Here Come the Wii U Vultures!
Matt Peckham, Time
It looks like the Wii U may be sold out, my friends, which means it’s time to put on black and go into mourning. Gnash your teeth. Wail. Shrug if you couldn’t care less. Or, of course, reach deep into your ... more ››
November 14, 2012
How Sony Is Turning Into a Ghost
Adelstein & Stucky, Kotaku
For some people in Japan, Sony is already dead. The only question they have is how did Sony die, or who killed it, and how long will the spectre of Sony remain haunting Japan. It's a pessimistic view of the company but it's one... more ››
November 13, 2012
How Microsoft Took Over Your Living Room
Ross Miller, The Verge
It seems like every new week brings rumors and news of tech titans trying to capture the living room, the heart of the American household: Apple in talks with cable operators, Google building its own streaming media box, TV and... more ››