November 14, 2012

Microsoft Just Lost Its Steve Jobs

Farhad Manjoo, Slate

AP Photo

Imagine if FDR had fired Dwight Eisenhower just as the Allies landed on the beaches of Normandy, explaining that the general was too mean. And then Eisenhower had put out a statement denying that he’d been fired—instead insisting that he’d enjoyed his time as a general, and the beginning of a huge battle seemed like a good time to step back and do something else with his life.

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November 9, 2012
Here Comes the Windows Phone Hail Mary
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November 8, 2012
Microsoft's Secret Weapon
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November 7, 2012
An Xbox Surface Tablet? What Could It Be?
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November 7, 2012
Microsoft's Legacy Firmly in Ballmer's Hands
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November 10, 2012
Time for Microsoft to Buy Nokia?
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