RealClearTechnology Morning Edition

The Spy in Your Inbox - Sean Gallagher, Ars Technica
Dear Apple, I'm Leaving You - Ed Conway, Business Insider
When Do We Get Iron Man Suits? - John Hewitt, Extreme Tech
Microsoft's Legacy Firmly in Ballmer's Hands - Kevin Kelleher, Fortune
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When the Air Force Built a Flying Saucer - Kyle Vanhemert, Co.Design
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Tech Fans, Don't Celebrate Death of Retail - Francisco Dao, Pando Daily
Pen Beats Sword, Camera Beats Pen - MG Siegler, TechCrunch

RealClearTechnology Afternoon Edition

How Will Tech Fare in Obama's 2nd Term? - Brian Proffitt, Read Write Web
Electronic Voting: Time to Send in the Clouds - Jason Perlow, ZDNet
Why Facebook Should NOT Buy Tumblr - Sarah Lacy, Pando Daily
Twitter Bots Fight to See Who's the Most Human - Robert McMillan, Wired
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How (and Why) to Surf the Web in Secret - Brad Chacos, PC World
The Truth about Amazon's $8 Monthly Plan - Dan Mitchell, Fortune
Bye-Bye Google Adwords? The $20 Alternative - Jeff John Roberts, BBW
A Public Relations Challenge for Acer - John Dvorak, PC Magazine
Eye-Tracking Technology Is the Future - John Hewitt, ExtremeTech

RealClearTechnology Reviews, Tips & How Tos

The Night Mom Met Windows 8 - Brad Chacos, Digital Trends
Kobo Mini: Does World Need a Small e-Reader? - Brian Heater, Engadget
Samsung Takes the Laptop to the Cloud - Katherine Boehret, All Things D
Halo 4: The Best of the Franchise - Larry Frum, CNN