November 5, 2012

You'll Be Wearing Your Next Cell Phone

Mez Breeze, The Next Web

AP Photo

In today’s connected world, you’d be hard pressed to find a population (disregarding technophobes and lost tribes) who actively shun activities that are digitally mediated. Unfortunately for those who do align themselves with Luddism, advances in mobile computing (and digital tech in general) appear to be exponential. Technologically-enhanced areas of information are all around us, from our PCs to smart gadgets made pocket-portable.

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November 4, 2012
SFPD: Crowdsourcing Surveillance With Phones
C.W. Nevius, SF Gate
Seven years ago there was a raging debate in the city about placing police surveillance cameras in crime hot spots. Critics said it was the beginning of a Big Brother society where people could be watched wherever they were,... more ››