November 5, 2012

Microsoft Surface Tears Down Walled Garden

Nat Burgess, Geekwire

AP Photo

My view on the “bring your own device” movement is that the proliferation of devices has actually reduced productivity. Smart phones and tablets are great content consumption devices. People watch movies, check social status, listen to music, read a book. They also glance at email and then think to themselves, “Hmm. . . I better respond to that when I get to a desk.” Or “Hmm. . . . I will need to print that boarding pass when I get to a desk.” Or “Hmm. . . I should really get my vacation photos off the memory card in my phone. I will have to take care of that when I get to a desk, because there is no card slot or USB port on my tablet.” Or “Hmm. . . to respond to this message, I need to review a document that is on one of the...

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October 30, 2012
It's Apple vs. Everyone
Brad Hill, Engadget
So it's Apple vs. Microsoft on daring, Apple vs. Samsung on smartphone market share and patent conflicts, Apple vs. Google on specifications and price, Apple vs. Amazon on willingness to cut margin, Apple vs. its customers on... more ››
October 31, 2012
Microsoft's Message to Developers
Melissa Perenson, PC World
Steve Ballmer looked relaxed on stage. Dressed down in a short sleeve shirt and pants, he smiled, he cracked jokes, and he energetically rallied the 2000-strong crowd of developers at the opening keynote to Microsoft’s Build... more ››
October 29, 2012
Windows Is Finished
Robert Cringely, I, Cringely
Napier & Son was the most successful British manufacturer of aircraft engines in the 1920s and 30s with their 12-cylinder Napier Lion powering 163 different types of aircraft between 1918 and 1935. Over that 17 year period the... more ››
October 29, 2012
Breaking Bad, Microsoft, & Ecosystems
Dalton Caldwell
Breaking Bad is a television show that takes place in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I have enjoyed watching the show because of the quality of writing, acting and directing… but there is something else. I have enjoyed watching... more ››
October 28, 2012
Your Windows 8 Upgrade Options Explained
Sean Hollister, The Verge
So you want a computer with Windows 8? Welcome to Decision City, population you. On October 26th, the day Microsoft launches its new operating system, you'll be able to choose from a tremendous array of laptops, desktops, tablets... more ››