November 2, 2012

Apple's iPad Mini Doesn't Deserve a Grand Debut

Larry Dignan, ZDNet

AP Photo

Apple has launched the iPad mini at its retail stores and the news is---wait for it---that the lines aren't all that long.

Well, let's see. On the East Coast, folks are more worried about getting power back from that storm called Sandy. Others are trying to get into New York with little luck. Everywhere else, the lines are so-so at best. In other words, there's not a big rush for the iPad mini.

And there shouldn't be. The product isn't revolutionary, has a defined role and is saddled with a price that just doesn't scream value. In other words, if you want an iPad mini drop in an Apple store and get one, but don't expect to be the coolest person at a party. A week like this reorders the priorities a bit for...

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