October 31, 2012

Microsoft's Message to Developers

Melissa Perenson, PC World

AP Photo

Steve Ballmer looked relaxed on stage. Dressed down in a short sleeve shirt and pants, he smiled, he cracked jokes, and he energetically rallied the 2000-strong crowd of developers at the opening keynote to Microsoft’s Build conference on the company’s leafy Redmond, Washington campus.

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October 25, 2012
Microsoft Goes for Broke with Windows 8
Richard Waters, Financial Times
 A whole ecosystem of hardware and software companies, which has sustained the PC industry for three decades, is also urging Microsoft on – even if the software group has trod on some toes by producing its own hybrid... more ››
October 23, 2012
10 Reasons to Upgrade to Windows 8
Tim Greene, Network World
Microsoft's radical shift to touch-centric computing in Windows 8 is far from the only difference between the new operating system and its predecessor.Other differences include better integrated use of the cloud, better security,... more ››
October 24, 2012
Microsoft's True Intention Behind Windows 8
John Dvorak, PC Magazine
What I like about Microsoft is that the company is not afraid to do sociological experiments on its massive user base. (Forget that it never actually publishes the studies and findings.) Now, Windows 8, to be released later... more ››
October 24, 2012
Microsoft Drags Us Into the Future
Alex Liu, Motherboard
Despite the brilliant rise of Apple, and Google’s increasing dominance with Android, Microsoft is still the dominant force in traditional computing. But because Microsoft relies on other people to make its computers, it... more ››
October 24, 2012
Windows 8: Pondering the Launch Scenarios
Larry Dignan, ZDNet
Microsoft launches Windows 8 this week the company's mobile and tablet strategy depends on how the operating system is received. Perhaps the biggest wild card is guessing how fast Windows 8 will be adopted.The user interface is... more ››