October 23, 2012

Tech War: Tortoise and the Hare

Brad Hill, Engadget

AP Photo
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October 20, 2012
Making the Post Office Invisible
Thomas Frey, Futurist Speaker
In much the same way homeowners cover the costs for specialty trash containers that match the semi-automated trash trucks on the road today, homeowners could easily be required to install next-generation mailboxes designed to... more ››
October 20, 2012
There's No Tech Bubble: Here's Proof
Sarah Lacy, Pando Daily
he arguments that we’re in a bubble just evaporate by the day. Pre-2011 the argument was inane because no one had exited. You can’t have a bubble when no one has actually made any money. Oh! But the bubble IPOs were... more ››
October 19, 2012
Hidden Rules of Human Progress
Samuel Arbesman, BBC News
I had my first experience with the internet in the early 1990s. I activated our 300-baud modem, allowed it to begin its R2-D2-like hissing and whistling, and began to telnet. A window on our Macintosh’s screen began filling... more ››
October 18, 2012
Advertising Makes Our Technology Worse
Simon Hill, Digital Trends
As money-hungry entrepreneurs quest to plaster every inch of our lives with ads, technology is actually becoming worse. “By the way, if anyone here is in marketing or advertising…kill yourself.” Those were the immortal... more ››
October 12, 2012
The Quest to Build the New Web Machine
Stacey Higginbotham, GigaOm