July 18, 2012

How to Make the Most of Your Old Phone

Simon Hill, Digital Trends

AP Photo

More than half of US mobile phone owners now have a smartphone. According to a comScore report from March of this year that’s 106 million people, a figure that’s steadily rising. Many of those people own more than one smartphone and, thanks to upgrades and highly subsidized upfront costs for contracts, many of us change our smartphones every couple of years. The result is a growing, forgotten, neglected pile of once-were awesome cutting edge devices, now consigned to a bleak and dusty existence at the back of a drawer or cupboard. Humans are fantastically good at adapting. In many ways that’s the secret of our success as a species, but it extends to getting used to anything, no matter how initially impressive, within a short time period. Devices that seemed impossibly...

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