July 2, 2012

Worst Gadgets We Ever Bought

Ars Technica, Ars Technica

As much as we love technology, it can also be a downer. With every bad gadget purchase, however infrequent, we're reminded that chip-based life forms are cold and indifferent. A touchscreen insists you tapped a full inch to the left from the icon you meant to hit; a laptop spins up its fan as the hard drive refuses to yield a Word document; a voice recorder drains its 4 AAs, dabs the corners of its lips, and dies for the third time today.

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June 26, 2012
Old Gadgets: More Valuable Than You Know
Tom Chatfield, BBC News
For people who tend to have one eye on the future, geeks also indulge in their fair share of nostalgia. Ask one of a certain age (ask me, indeed) about the changing nature of computing, and it won’t be long before they’re... more ››