June 6, 2012

The Tennis Racket of the Future

Tom Perrotta, Wall Street Journal

AP Photo

BABOLAT WANTS TO give you a reason to buy a new tennis racket. Its pitch? This racket has a computer chip that can help you take a long, honest look at your forehand, backhand or serve and fix it—based on empirical evidence. Where you make contact with the ball. How hard you hit it. What kind of spin you apply. How consistent you are. If it works, it could be the first true advance in tennis rackets in a dozen years or more.

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May 24, 2012
Get Ready, and Excited, for Multiple Monitors
John Dvorak, PC Magazine
Microsoft has done an excellent job of talking up Windows 8 in the press. It is pulling all sorts of PR tricks and even has Steve Ballmer making a lot of quotable noise.One subtle story is beginning to appear, though, and it is... more ››