May 14, 2012

Can Yahoo Ever Succeed?

Mathew Ingram, GigaOm


If the rise of Facebook as an advertising entity has shown anything, it is that what matters now is targeting and focus — the ability to drill down into precise market segments and base decisions on actual user behavior. Just how valuable that is for Facebook and for advertisers may still be a question mark, but there is no question that advertisers want it, and Facebook is a lot better positioned to offer that than Yahoo is. If Levinsohn wants to own the future of media, he’s going to have to figure that out, and fast.

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May 16, 2012
Yahoo: Ignore Vulture Capitalists and Win
Kevin Kelleher, Fortune
Yahoo should also use whatever leverage it has to insist on some cross-ownership of shares in both Alibaba and Yahoo Japan, cementing already long-standing relationships that could help it establish a presence in two of Asia's... more ››
May 16, 2012
The Truth about Why Yahoo's CEO Got Fired
Dan Frommer, RWW
What's the takeaway from Yahoo's recent CEO fiasco? Don't lie on your corporate bio, for one, and make sure no one else has lied on your behalf. But the real lesson has nothing to do with falsified credentials. more ››
May 15, 2012
How Yahoo Killed Flickr and Lost the Internet
Mat Honan, Gizmodo
Web startups are made out of two things: people and code. The people make the code, and the code makes the people rich. Code is like a poem; it has to follow certain structural requirements, and yet out of that structure can come... more ››
May 14, 2012
A Eulogy for Yahoo's CEO
Dan Lyons, The Daily Beast
Rest in peace, Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson. It’s true you’re not dead yet. At least, not literally. But let’s face it, from a career standpoint you’re about as dead as a guy can get. You lied on your résumé, claiming you... more ››
May 8, 2012
There Is One Man Who Could Save Yahoo
John Dvorak, PC Magazine
I've been following the machinations at Yahoo surrounding the false assertions that CEO Scott Thompson had a degree in computer science. Now, everyone wants to tar-and-feather the guy. In reality, though, this is all about the... more ››