April 24, 2012

Is 'Social Influence' Just Hogwash?

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As anyone who survived school will know, there was never any shortage of reminders of how popular you were - or weren't, as the case may have been.

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May 17, 2012
Can Anything Stop Facebook?
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May 16, 2012
Facebook Snatching Defeat from Jaws of Victory?
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May 15, 2012
How to Save Social Readers
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May 15, 2012
The Facebook-Free Baby
Steven Leckart, Wall Street Journal
GROWING UP, I NEVER had tan lines. Want proof? There's a color snapshot on display in my parents' home: a naked 2-year-old is shown from behind, climbing up a bathroom counter. For as long as I can remember, a framed 3x5-inch... more ››
May 12, 2012
On Diaspora's Social Network, Privacy Rules
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