March 8, 2012

Diminishing Returns or Exceeding Expectations?

Rip Empson, TechCrunch

AP Photo

Are you having fun yet? We’re in the process of winding down from another Apple Event Day, which means recovering from a day full of iFanpeoples eagerly clicking on every iPad-related article on the Web, a day in which blogs lap up the ad revenue, and trolls eagerly proclaim their indifference to whatever this iHubbub is all about, sneering at the army of iClones marching in lock-step to the nearest Apple Store. Let this wash over you, as it’s clearly a unique display that only the tech industry — and, really Apple — is capable of inspiring.

During the new, new iPad/iPad 3/iPad 2S announcement today, Apple CEO Tim Cook told those gathered that Apple is...

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May 11, 2012
How Does the iPad's Retina Display Stack Up?
John Paul Titlow, RWW
It's been nearly two months since the latest iteration of Apple's tablet started shipping. In that time, those of us who rushed out to buy a new iPad have been peering into a display with an incredibly high resolution.The intial... more ››